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Pur Natur fresh churned butter

Pur Natur is a unique Belgian player in the field of authentic churned butter produced in the traditional manner. Once the cream has ripened, the butter is freshly churned every day in authentic churns, just as in years gone by. Since we use the traditional method, this exceptionally creamy butter preserves its full-fat, delicious taste and is always easy to spread. The organic butter of Pur Natur is of exceptional quality, you can taste and smell the difference! Available in a 200g (non-salted or salted with fleur de sel) and 500g-pack. Suitable for baking or on bread.

Fresh churned butter 200g

Pur Natur fresh organic churned butter in a 200g pack.

Fresh salted churned butter with fleur de sel 200g

Pur Natur fresh salted organic churned butter with fleur de sel in a 200g pack.

Fresh churned butter 500g

Our organic churned butter is made in the traditional manner and has a fat content of 82%.

Video of how fresh churned butter is made at Pur Natur

Here you can watch a short video of the production process for making fresh churned butter.

Pur Natur controlled organic product  verified organic product

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