Pur Natur Kefir

Pur Natur Kefir is a full-flavoured, rich product. Just like traditional yogurt – and in contrast to many other desserts made with fermented milk on the market – we use live cultures to make our kefir yogurt.
What makes our kefir yogurt so unique is its broad spectrum of living ferments, as well as the extra kefir cultures.
The typical yeast-based properties of this yogurt, with its still living kefir bacteria, cause the aluminium foil lid to become slightly convex. This is perfectly normal for this type of yogurt.
And not just that – this creamy, whole-milk yogurt is nutritious, and absolutely delicious to boot. It’s ideal on the go. Add it to your bowl of muesli or fruit, or simply devour it on its own!


Kefir yogurt natural 400g

Kefir yogurt natural 400g

Pur Natur Kefir is a full-fat yogurt with live and extra kefir cultures.

Available in a cup of 400g.

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