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Less plastic, more Pur Natur!

We want to use less plastic... and are getting rid of our disposable lids. At Pur Natur, we strive for continuous improvement. We create our products with respect for our planet, the plants and animals… and your good health. We aim to provide safe packaging to ensure our product quality without wasting resources.

No more disposable lids on store shelves

We find it very unfortunate that the plastic lids on our containers often end up in the bin after just one use. After positive test results in 2021, we have therefore decided to stop providing our 500g and smaller containers of yoghurt with such lids from 1 January. This allows us to save close to 15 tonnes of plastic annually! Moreover, both the pot and wrapper are fully recyclable. The wrapper is FSC certified, meaning the cardboard comes from responsibly managed forests. You too can contribute! Are you in?

Do you mind the lack of lid?

Do you generally use up yoghurt or cream within the day anyway? Perhaps your family finds them so irresistible lids are irrelevant… If you do wish to store your yoghurt for a few more days after opening, we’re happy to offer various solutions based on items you probably have in the cupboard already. See the video for possible alternatives:

Our commitment for the future

Pur Natur’s goal is to offer a never-ending selection of healthy, sustainable and high-quality products. As a producer, we continuously evaluate our methods, processes and products to keep them safe and satisfactory for our employees, suppliers, the environment and society as a whole.